Leaving Zhuhai For The Last Time

on Friday, 11 February 2011

This morning I get up quite early and go and get some breakfast and leave the stuff I don’t want downstairs with the security guard. I then settle up with the landlady, which takes much less time than I had expected. I had planned to get the 1:00pm ferry, but manage to get there in time for the 11:45am, so get that to Hong Kong. I meet Waiyi briefly after her lunch and then make my way to the hostel. They don’t really understand me and start trying to rip me off as usual. I try and ring Waiyi but my phone turns off and won’t turn back on, so I try skyping her. After an hour I manage to get her on skype and sort out a room. Have to pay for a more expensive room, but it is much nicer. I wait for Waiyi to finish work and then go and meet her, we then go and have a birthday meal with one of her friends Eunice and some other friends, including ball ball, we go for some drinks afterwards and then go and meet Lawrence in Lan Kwai Fong and Chris meets us later. We don’t end up getting home till 4am. It’s been a long day.