Heading Back To Zhuhai

on Monday, 7 February 2011

Today I am heading back t Zhuhai, as long as I can get a ticket for the train. I leave a bit late at about midday and then stupidly get the MTR to Guangzhou east station and not Guangzhou south. Stupid having 4 stations named almost identically. I get to the station eventually and luckily there are some tickets, I only have to wait about one hour. The station really is absolutely massive and is more like an airport. It must be one of the biggest in the world. I get the high speed train back to Zhuhai, taking only 50 minutes, instead of about 4 hours by bus. I arrive and have to get two busses from the station which is right out of town, as they are still building the more central stations. I finally get back about 6:00pm.