Leaving Qingyuan

on Sunday, 6 February 2011

This morning we get up a little late as usual and head to Waiyis uncles again. No surprise we have some more goose. We leave about 1:30pm as we have asked to check out late and get our bags and head to the bus terminal. We manage to get a bus straight back to Guangzhou which takes about an hour and then we find somewhere to have some lunch before we both make our own way home. Waiyi will go to Shenzhen and then on to Hong Kong and I will go back to Zhuhai. We get the MTR together and I get off before her. I arrive at the railway station and go to buy a ticket at one of the machines as they have an English language option, there seems to be an error though and I have to go to the window. A lot of people seem to be getting turned away without a ticket and I am worried they have sold out as there is only about 3 more trains going to Zhuhai. When I get to the window and ask for Zhuhai, the guy just says Meyo, I know this means no, but I can’t ask anything else, the train had standing space on the way here, but I guess as everyone is being turned away there is limited standing space, unlike some of the other trains we have go in China before, notably the train from Beijing to Shanghai, where people were standing in the toilet cubicle.