Near Death

on Saturday, 5 February 2011

Today we are a bit late arriving at Waiyis uncle, surprise surprise it is goose again. We spend some time down in a bar underneath his apartment playing some games with Waiyis cousins and then later go out and let of some fireworks with her uncles and aunts by the waterfront. We first have a look at the new year light display, for some reason the big peacock has it’s lights turned off, but a quick phone call by Waiyis uncle and they are switched on for us! They have some big fireworks and I am encouraged to go and light some. I go up and they have put a huge rocket in the empty box of another huge firework with lots of long holes instead of a rocket tube. There are about 7 people standing quite close including some young kids. The rocket is lit and obviously there it has got a bit stuck in the bottom and won’t fire out straight instead it shoots straight at my face. Some how I manage to duck just in time and it misses by inches, slightly burning the back of my neck, and this is a huge rocket, definitely not able to be bought in the UK. I am a little shocked and just stand there, totally forgetting after a rocket takes off it is going to explode and this one has landed just behind me me. It goes of like a grenade and the noise is so loud, I can’t hear for a few seconds. Stupidly afterwards I still go back and light some more, after what was the closest time I have probably come to dying. Waiyis cousin then takes us to Manzy’s apartment for a party, but when we arrive it is not much of a party and we only spend about an hour before leaving as it is late. Waiyis cousin wants us to go and eat and drink with him, but I don’t feel like drinking and it is quite late, so instead we take a walk back over the river and get a cab back to the hotel.