The Zhuhai Arches

on Saturday, 22 January 2011

Today we decide to do some sightseeing, which doesn’t go great. First we get a bus to Gongbei thinking the place we want to visit is near Gongbei, we have some food, then find out it is actually in the opposite direction and get a taxi. Then it turns out the place is somewhere me and Matt visited by accident and is ridiculously overpriced. We decide we should go in anyway and spend some time looking round. Basically it is a monument built by the Zhuhai government to honour a guy from Zhuhai who lived in Hawaii and sent loads of money over when there was some sort of natural disaster. The place was not great. They had a face changing display and there was a waxwork, but I knew none of them, neither did Waiyi and the most famous seemed to be the table tennis world champion, who was the first world champion in the whole of China. We go back and almost get ripped of at the local outdoor hotpot, but Waiyi kicks up a fuss and we don’t have to overpay.