on Saturday, 8 January 2011

This morning we meet a bit late at about 10:00am. We go straight to the ferry terminal and catch the ferry to Macau. When we arrive we go to the City of dreams casino, there is a big new show here that me and Waiyi had tried to get tickets for, but where told they were completely booked up. We go to the ticket desk anyway and they have some cancellations, very kindly dad pays for us all to go to he show. We can only get the 8:00pm showing and we think the last ferry is at 10:30pm. We decide to get the free shuttle bus back to the ferry and book our tickets and have a look at the casinos on the other island. We find the 10:30pm ferry is completely booked, but we get the 11:45pm on a different company instead. We get another free shuttle bus to the Wynn and watch a show in the lobby there, then have a walk around looking at some more casinos and also visiting the ruins of St Pauls. After a lot of walking it is about time to head back to the city of dreams. We get back and have a bit of time for some more gambling, dad has some free money, but it is only for Baccarat and none of us know how to play, so we stick to the other games. We then go into the show, the stage is actually a massive circular swimming pool, the story was not that easy to follow or very interesting, but the actual show was very impressive, with lots of diving and some motorcycle stunt riding and contortionism. We get the shuttle bus back to the ferry terminal and go back to Hong Kong, where we are too late for the MTR, so have to get cabs back. Tomorrow we plan to have an easier day and just visit Stanley.