Delivering The Goose And Chickens

on Friday, 4 February 2011

Today we get up late after quite a late night again last night. We go and have the customary goose for lunch at Waiyis uncle and then we go and visit her cousins godfather and another “relative” but not related. We pack two cheap chickens into a box and a goose and a good chicken into another box. We then go and deliver them. first off is a friend of Waiyis uncle. They live on a really posh estate with the houses costing at least 3 million pounds. As we drive in the gated complex, they have a guard standing down the road who is there just to salute every car that drives down. The house we go to is one of the biggest and is absolutely huge and is actually a house, I have only ever seen apartment blocks in China before I think. We go inside and there is loads of people, we sit down and they give us some food, including some animal that is apparently illegal to eat in China. I later look up and find there are lots of animals illegal to eat in China and Guangdong province is the worst for eating weird foods and the government has cracked down, shutting lots of the restaurants. Waiyi doesn’t know the English name of the animal, only the Chinese and when translated it just comes up with a description, as Chinese always does. Something like “little fox”. Anyway the meat is actually really delicious, but I still don’t know what it was. We leave and head to his godfathers house, along the way, one of the chickens manages to break out of the box and is flapping around in the backseat with me. It’s feet are tied so it can’t go far, but it keeps struggling and flapping until it eventually gets out of the tiny box with the other chicken and just settles on top of the box. These are the cheap chickens and Waiyis cousin made a mistake they were supposed to go to the friend and not the godfather, who should of got the much better goose. We arrive at the apartment and the chicken is put back in the box and we go up to the apartment. In the lift, the chickens escape again and the box just falls apart leaving 2 chickens in the lift and a pile of chicken poo, with 4 other people. We get out and the chickens are carried into the godfathers apartment. He is a really animated guy and very nice. They sit and talk and they give me lucky money as does his daughter! He also gives me some green tea, as usual I am treated like a king. We then head to a restaurant for a hotpot and two bottles of bijou although I wimp out of several shots, even after all the pressure to drink again. Afterwards we go and do some fireworks at the firework shop, which is basically a huge shop selling fireworks next to the river with a big patio where everyone sets them off. It is stupid buying them yourself really because so many people are setting of so many fireworks, it actually is a better display than most small displays in the UK. The fireworks they sell are ridiculous as well, huge rockets and multiple shot fireworks that are absolutely massive and only cost about £30, I have no idea how much they would be back home, but at least several hundred pounds. The area is so dangerous as well with quite a small area and loads of people running in to set off their fireworks at the same time, you don’t know what have been lit and what haven’t. I buy a few rockets and a big roll of bangers they usually use to bring good luck by setting off outside the shops. It is huge and has hundreds of bangers and is like a bomb going off. Several fireworks go off course, a couple of rockets get stuck in the makeshift rocket tubes set on the railing and explode at ground level. One of the long tube things you are supposed to hold at one end is just chucked on the floor and every time it goes off it shoots around the floor until somebody manages to put their foot on it. After the fireworks we head to a night club, the happy club. We have lots more beers here, but leave reasonably early and go home.


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