Arriving in Qingyuan

on Thursday, 3 February 2011

This morning, we first go to Waiyis grandparents again for some lunch and say goodbye. We receive lots of lucky money from her unles and aunts, all married couples should give to the children on new year, but they also give to me as well! We then go and get the bus to Qingyuan, luckily we don’t have to wait long and the bus only takes 45mins. We arrive and Waiyis cousin collects us in a friends car. He takes us to a hotel and we dump the stuff. We then go to her uncles and meet them, They leave in a big apartment in a building her Grandfather built and instead of the floor being split they have the whole floor. The place is very big and they have this huge carved wooden chairs that her uncle says cost 100,000Yuan(£10,000). Waiyis cousin makes us tea which is as complicated a process as usual and we sit and drink. We have some dinner and then we go together to see the new year display and fireworks down at the riverside. This time we go in their car, which doesn’t have number plates but it doesn’t matter and the other car has a special number plate that all the police and everyone can recognise and means they can park or drive where they like and pretty much do what they like and nobody will do anything. This includes parking illegally, driving on the wrong side of the road and driving on the pavements. We watch the fireworks which are very impressive and then it is time to go to Waiyis cousins 27th birthday party, at a local KTV. We pick up a couple of Waiyis friends who are also in Qingyuan including Manzy and his girlfriend, 10 years younger than him and we head to the bar area of town, which is actually just loads of KTV’s. He has his private room with a huge TV and microphones and a compute for selecting music and karaoke and a pool table and their own private bathrooms. Thy order crates and crates of Budweiser and we play pool and dice and drink lots. Everybody wants to come and drink with me and that involves me downing a small glass of beer one after the other constantly all night and then playing dice I inevitably lose and have to down even more. The KTV closes at 2:00pm and we get a taxi back to the hotel, with two other guys. Waiyis cousin  some how drives himself home, another perk of that special number plate I guess.


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