Tron And Pool

on Saturday, 15 January 2011

Today we get up late as usual. Waiyi is a bit ill. We then go and get some food and see if there are any films on at the cinema. There is Tron and the new Narnia film. Waiyi has heard Tron is not very good, but I have heard it is not that bad and it starts in 10 minutes so we go and watch that. It is in 3D as well, so should be good. Waiyi falls asleep after about 10minutes and is probably asleep for at least half the film. I actually think it is quite good and surprisingly for a 2 hour film I don’t get bored, even if the cinema seats are a bit uncomfortable. We then go and play some pool and have a hotpot in one of the outside restaurants. It is actually rally good and ridiculously cheap, so will probably be eating here more.


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