Dinner At Waiyi’s

on Saturday, 29 January 2011

Today I do a bit of shopping, I have to buy a new pair of jeans. We then go over to where Waiyi lives to drop of the food I bought from Zhuhai and we have a look round near where she lives, before having dinner with her mum and brother and his girlfriend. The chicken I bought over is actually really nice considering it has been in the bag almost two days and carried all over the place. I stay away from the head though. We then go back to Causeway bay and manage to get a minibus with her dad. So I meet her dad for the first time and Waiyi’s mum has also given me a suitcase, which I really needed for when I come home, as the rucksack has completely had it and the bag I bought in China is no good either.


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