Last Day In Hong Kong

on Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Today is my last day in Hong Kong, as I fly home tomorrow morning. We go to a shopping centre not far away and have some lunch. We then go and do some ice skating, I am a bit worried I will have forgotten how to do it and look stupid. It turns out I can still do it and we spend about an hour and a half ice skating at very slow speeds as Waiyi is scared. We then go and watch the green hornet at the cinema before returning to Causeway bay for a hotpot. You get as much meat as you want and you can choose vegetables as well. We go through about 5 large plates of meat and lots of Hagen Daz. It is a really nice meal! We return to the room and I finish packing for tomorrow.

Valentines Day And My 350th Day Away

on Monday, 14 February 2011

Today Waiyi has to work, so she gets up early and goes into work, I stay and get some more sleep. I go and meet her for lunch near her work and catch a show with a guy dressed as a lion on the top of a big pole. Some sort of new year celebration. I then return back to the apartment, do a bit of shopping for a valentines present and wait for Waiyi to finish work, I wanted to go up in the DHL balloon, but the weather has not been great so it didn’t seem worth it. Next time I am in Hong Kong. I meet Waiyi in Admiralty and then get the MTR to Central and go to the SOHO area to a pizza restaurant, but we haven’t booked a table. The restaurant is fully booked the subsequent restaurants we go to are also fully booked or look dreadful. Finally we find another pizza place and it is a bit hidden. It turns out the restaurant is completely empty and we have the whole place to ourselves. A little uncomfortable with 6 members or staff standing around watching us, but nevertheless nice. After dinner we go and have a couple of drinks at a bar, Lan Kwai Fong is very quite though.

Visiting Waiyis Mum

on Sunday, 13 February 2011

Today we do a bit of shopping in the morning, then we go to Waiyis house to see her mum and return all her stuff. We eat some food at a barbeque restaurant near her house and she visits the doctors. We get her dads mini bus back to Causeway Bay .

Up Really Late

on Saturday, 12 February 2011

Today we get up really late, even though there is loud drilling in the apartment. We look around Causeway bay and then I watch a film while Waiyi sleeps and we get some food later and then an early night.

Leaving Zhuhai For The Last Time

on Friday, 11 February 2011

This morning I get up quite early and go and get some breakfast and leave the stuff I don’t want downstairs with the security guard. I then settle up with the landlady, which takes much less time than I had expected. I had planned to get the 1:00pm ferry, but manage to get there in time for the 11:45am, so get that to Hong Kong. I meet Waiyi briefly after her lunch and then make my way to the hostel. They don’t really understand me and start trying to rip me off as usual. I try and ring Waiyi but my phone turns off and won’t turn back on, so I try skyping her. After an hour I manage to get her on skype and sort out a room. Have to pay for a more expensive room, but it is much nicer. I wait for Waiyi to finish work and then go and meet her, we then go and have a birthday meal with one of her friends Eunice and some other friends, including ball ball, we go for some drinks afterwards and then go and meet Lawrence in Lan Kwai Fong and Chris meets us later. We don’t end up getting home till 4am. It’s been a long day.

Preparing To Leave Zhuhai

on Thursday, 10 February 2011

Today I just finish up packing everything to leave for Hong Kong.


on Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Today I just use some internet at TPR as it has reopened and start to pack my stuff and decide what to throw away and what to keep.

Back In Zhuhai

on Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Today I am back in Zhuhai, a lot of places arte still closed due to the Chinese new year, including TPR where I use the WIFI, so not much to do, just watch some films and TV.

Heading Back To Zhuhai

on Monday, 7 February 2011

Today I am heading back t Zhuhai, as long as I can get a ticket for the train. I leave a bit late at about midday and then stupidly get the MTR to Guangzhou east station and not Guangzhou south. Stupid having 4 stations named almost identically. I get to the station eventually and luckily there are some tickets, I only have to wait about one hour. The station really is absolutely massive and is more like an airport. It must be one of the biggest in the world. I get the high speed train back to Zhuhai, taking only 50 minutes, instead of about 4 hours by bus. I arrive and have to get two busses from the station which is right out of town, as they are still building the more central stations. I finally get back about 6:00pm.

Leaving Qingyuan

on Sunday, 6 February 2011

This morning we get up a little late as usual and head to Waiyis uncles again. No surprise we have some more goose. We leave about 1:30pm as we have asked to check out late and get our bags and head to the bus terminal. We manage to get a bus straight back to Guangzhou which takes about an hour and then we find somewhere to have some lunch before we both make our own way home. Waiyi will go to Shenzhen and then on to Hong Kong and I will go back to Zhuhai. We get the MTR together and I get off before her. I arrive at the railway station and go to buy a ticket at one of the machines as they have an English language option, there seems to be an error though and I have to go to the window. A lot of people seem to be getting turned away without a ticket and I am worried they have sold out as there is only about 3 more trains going to Zhuhai. When I get to the window and ask for Zhuhai, the guy just says Meyo, I know this means no, but I can’t ask anything else, the train had standing space on the way here, but I guess as everyone is being turned away there is limited standing space, unlike some of the other trains we have go in China before, notably the train from Beijing to Shanghai, where people were standing in the toilet cubicle.

Near Death

on Saturday, 5 February 2011

Today we are a bit late arriving at Waiyis uncle, surprise surprise it is goose again. We spend some time down in a bar underneath his apartment playing some games with Waiyis cousins and then later go out and let of some fireworks with her uncles and aunts by the waterfront. We first have a look at the new year light display, for some reason the big peacock has it’s lights turned off, but a quick phone call by Waiyis uncle and they are switched on for us! They have some big fireworks and I am encouraged to go and light some. I go up and they have put a huge rocket in the empty box of another huge firework with lots of long holes instead of a rocket tube. There are about 7 people standing quite close including some young kids. The rocket is lit and obviously there it has got a bit stuck in the bottom and won’t fire out straight instead it shoots straight at my face. Some how I manage to duck just in time and it misses by inches, slightly burning the back of my neck, and this is a huge rocket, definitely not able to be bought in the UK. I am a little shocked and just stand there, totally forgetting after a rocket takes off it is going to explode and this one has landed just behind me me. It goes of like a grenade and the noise is so loud, I can’t hear for a few seconds. Stupidly afterwards I still go back and light some more, after what was the closest time I have probably come to dying. Waiyis cousin then takes us to Manzy’s apartment for a party, but when we arrive it is not much of a party and we only spend about an hour before leaving as it is late. Waiyis cousin wants us to go and eat and drink with him, but I don’t feel like drinking and it is quite late, so instead we take a walk back over the river and get a cab back to the hotel.

Delivering The Goose And Chickens

on Friday, 4 February 2011

Today we get up late after quite a late night again last night. We go and have the customary goose for lunch at Waiyis uncle and then we go and visit her cousins godfather and another “relative” but not related. We pack two cheap chickens into a box and a goose and a good chicken into another box. We then go and deliver them. first off is a friend of Waiyis uncle. They live on a really posh estate with the houses costing at least 3 million pounds. As we drive in the gated complex, they have a guard standing down the road who is there just to salute every car that drives down. The house we go to is one of the biggest and is absolutely huge and is actually a house, I have only ever seen apartment blocks in China before I think. We go inside and there is loads of people, we sit down and they give us some food, including some animal that is apparently illegal to eat in China. I later look up and find there are lots of animals illegal to eat in China and Guangdong province is the worst for eating weird foods and the government has cracked down, shutting lots of the restaurants. Waiyi doesn’t know the English name of the animal, only the Chinese and when translated it just comes up with a description, as Chinese always does. Something like “little fox”. Anyway the meat is actually really delicious, but I still don’t know what it was. We leave and head to his godfathers house, along the way, one of the chickens manages to break out of the box and is flapping around in the backseat with me. It’s feet are tied so it can’t go far, but it keeps struggling and flapping until it eventually gets out of the tiny box with the other chicken and just settles on top of the box. These are the cheap chickens and Waiyis cousin made a mistake they were supposed to go to the friend and not the godfather, who should of got the much better goose. We arrive at the apartment and the chicken is put back in the box and we go up to the apartment. In the lift, the chickens escape again and the box just falls apart leaving 2 chickens in the lift and a pile of chicken poo, with 4 other people. We get out and the chickens are carried into the godfathers apartment. He is a really animated guy and very nice. They sit and talk and they give me lucky money as does his daughter! He also gives me some green tea, as usual I am treated like a king. We then head to a restaurant for a hotpot and two bottles of bijou although I wimp out of several shots, even after all the pressure to drink again. Afterwards we go and do some fireworks at the firework shop, which is basically a huge shop selling fireworks next to the river with a big patio where everyone sets them off. It is stupid buying them yourself really because so many people are setting of so many fireworks, it actually is a better display than most small displays in the UK. The fireworks they sell are ridiculous as well, huge rockets and multiple shot fireworks that are absolutely massive and only cost about £30, I have no idea how much they would be back home, but at least several hundred pounds. The area is so dangerous as well with quite a small area and loads of people running in to set off their fireworks at the same time, you don’t know what have been lit and what haven’t. I buy a few rockets and a big roll of bangers they usually use to bring good luck by setting off outside the shops. It is huge and has hundreds of bangers and is like a bomb going off. Several fireworks go off course, a couple of rockets get stuck in the makeshift rocket tubes set on the railing and explode at ground level. One of the long tube things you are supposed to hold at one end is just chucked on the floor and every time it goes off it shoots around the floor until somebody manages to put their foot on it. After the fireworks we head to a night club, the happy club. We have lots more beers here, but leave reasonably early and go home.

Arriving in Qingyuan

on Thursday, 3 February 2011

This morning, we first go to Waiyis grandparents again for some lunch and say goodbye. We receive lots of lucky money from her unles and aunts, all married couples should give to the children on new year, but they also give to me as well! We then go and get the bus to Qingyuan, luckily we don’t have to wait long and the bus only takes 45mins. We arrive and Waiyis cousin collects us in a friends car. He takes us to a hotel and we dump the stuff. We then go to her uncles and meet them, They leave in a big apartment in a building her Grandfather built and instead of the floor being split they have the whole floor. The place is very big and they have this huge carved wooden chairs that her uncle says cost 100,000Yuan(£10,000). Waiyis cousin makes us tea which is as complicated a process as usual and we sit and drink. We have some dinner and then we go together to see the new year display and fireworks down at the riverside. This time we go in their car, which doesn’t have number plates but it doesn’t matter and the other car has a special number plate that all the police and everyone can recognise and means they can park or drive where they like and pretty much do what they like and nobody will do anything. This includes parking illegally, driving on the wrong side of the road and driving on the pavements. We watch the fireworks which are very impressive and then it is time to go to Waiyis cousins 27th birthday party, at a local KTV. We pick up a couple of Waiyis friends who are also in Qingyuan including Manzy and his girlfriend, 10 years younger than him and we head to the bar area of town, which is actually just loads of KTV’s. He has his private room with a huge TV and microphones and a compute for selecting music and karaoke and a pool table and their own private bathrooms. Thy order crates and crates of Budweiser and we play pool and dice and drink lots. Everybody wants to come and drink with me and that involves me downing a small glass of beer one after the other constantly all night and then playing dice I inevitably lose and have to down even more. The KTV closes at 2:00pm and we get a taxi back to the hotel, with two other guys. Waiyis cousin  some how drives himself home, another perk of that special number plate I guess.

Heading To Guangzhou

on Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This morning we get up quite early but don't end up leaving as early as we hoped. We get 2 busses to the newly opened high speed train to Guangzhou from Zhuhai and it takes only 50mis on the train to get to Guangzhou and after getting into our hotel we have a look around and visit Waiyis grandparents and uncles and aunts. We have goose and chicken and watch them play mahjong. We then go and have a look through the new year fair, but it is just so ridiculously busy we don't spend long.

Waiting For Waiyi

on Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Today, I pay the rent and then wait for Waiyi arrive for our trip to Guangzhou and Qingyuan for Chinese new year.

No Wifi

on Monday, 31 January 2011

Today I don’t do much, just get some cash out to pay for the apartment for this month, even though I will barely be there a week. I find out the school which I have been using Wi-Fi from ahs shutdown for the new year and that includes shutting off their Wi-Fi connection. So I can’t download anything now.

Back To Zhuhai

on Sunday, 30 January 2011

Today we spend most of the day just looking around the shops, time seems to go so quickly in Hong Kong, compared to Zhuhai where it goes unbearably slow. Waiyi has to go to a posh dinner in the evening paid for by a client, so I spend a bit of time downloading some films before getting the ferry back to Zhuhai at 9:30pm.

Dinner At Waiyi’s

on Saturday, 29 January 2011

Today I do a bit of shopping, I have to buy a new pair of jeans. We then go over to where Waiyi lives to drop of the food I bought from Zhuhai and we have a look round near where she lives, before having dinner with her mum and brother and his girlfriend. The chicken I bought over is actually really nice considering it has been in the bag almost two days and carried all over the place. I stay away from the head though. We then go back to Causeway bay and manage to get a minibus with her dad. So I meet her dad for the first time and Waiyi’s mum has also given me a suitcase, which I really needed for when I come home, as the rucksack has completely had it and the bag I bought in China is no good either.

Off To Hong Kong

on Friday, 28 January 2011

Today I leave for Hong Kong. I get up quite early and get the 10:00am ferry. I have quite a lot of stuff including the chicken. I arrive and meet Waiyi for lunch before going and checking in at the hostel. I wait for Waiyi to finish work. We then go out for some food and a look around, but are bother very tired, so sleep early.

Buying A Chicken

on Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today I don’t have much to do except pack for going to Hong Kong tomorrow and also buy some things Waiyi wants. I have to buy a Taro and some Guava which is fine, but then she wants a whole chicken, with head and everything already cooked. I know there is a old couple who sit on the street with a bin with some chickens in it, so go and get it there. I have a pretty hard time trying to tell them I don’t want it cut, but they understand in the end. It costs 41RMB(£4) which seems steep. So I go home with a whole stinking chicken in a plastic bag and no fridge to put it.


on Wednesday, 26 January 2011


on Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Waiyi Still Here

on Monday, 24 January 2011

Today Waiyi stays with me, we don’t do much and just play some pool. I take her to the port at the end of the day and she goes back to Hong Kong. Next weekend I will be going to Hong Kong instead of her coming here.

No English Subtitles

on Sunday, 23 January 2011

Today we go to the cinema. There are no suitable films on, but as we are sitting outside two guys come up and give u tickets to a Chinese film Shaolin, starring Jackie Chan and another famous Hong Kong actor. There are no English subtitles though, Waiyi is desperate to see it, so we both go in, after 15 minutes though I am bored and although the film looks good, great action scenes, I can’t understand it and although Waiyi wants to translate for me, it just isn’t going to work. I go outside and have a beer and download some stuff while I wait for her to finish.

The Zhuhai Arches

on Saturday, 22 January 2011

Today we decide to do some sightseeing, which doesn’t go great. First we get a bus to Gongbei thinking the place we want to visit is near Gongbei, we have some food, then find out it is actually in the opposite direction and get a taxi. Then it turns out the place is somewhere me and Matt visited by accident and is ridiculously overpriced. We decide we should go in anyway and spend some time looking round. Basically it is a monument built by the Zhuhai government to honour a guy from Zhuhai who lived in Hawaii and sent loads of money over when there was some sort of natural disaster. The place was not great. They had a face changing display and there was a waxwork, but I knew none of them, neither did Waiyi and the most famous seemed to be the table tennis world champion, who was the first world champion in the whole of China. We go back and almost get ripped of at the local outdoor hotpot, but Waiyi kicks up a fuss and we don’t have to overpay.

Waiyi Arrives

on Friday, 21 January 2011

Waiyi comes over a bit earlier this weekend. We go and play some pool and have some food.

Book My Flight

on Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today I book my flight back to the UK. I leave Hong Kong on the 16th February. Luckily the flight is slightly cheaper than I had thought as well.


on Wednesday, 19 January 2011


on Tuesday, 18 January 2011


on Monday, 17 January 2011

More Pool

on Sunday, 16 January 2011

Again, we don’t do much today except play pool and play some monopoly deal back at the apartment. Waiyi leaves on the 8:30 ferry, so I take her to the port and then get the bus home and watch some films until she gets home and rings me. Just one month left now before I come home.

Tron And Pool

on Saturday, 15 January 2011

Today we get up late as usual. Waiyi is a bit ill. We then go and get some food and see if there are any films on at the cinema. There is Tron and the new Narnia film. Waiyi has heard Tron is not very good, but I have heard it is not that bad and it starts in 10 minutes so we go and watch that. It is in 3D as well, so should be good. Waiyi falls asleep after about 10minutes and is probably asleep for at least half the film. I actually think it is quite good and surprisingly for a 2 hour film I don’t get bored, even if the cinema seats are a bit uncomfortable. We then go and play some pool and have a hotpot in one of the outside restaurants. It is actually rally good and ridiculously cheap, so will probably be eating here more.

Unbelievably Hot

on Friday, 14 January 2011

It is amazing how the weather can change so quickly here, today I wake up, go and get some food. Outside the apartment is a dreadful smell and I find some guy trying to unblock the drains with a huge piece of bamboo! I go and get some dumplings from the dumpling king and the woman uses an abacus to add up the bill. Today it is ridiculously hot and even just with a t-shirt I am too hot, even though the last couple of weeks I have been freezing even with two jumpers, a coat and scarf! I sit outside and use some free internet to download some stuff, while I wait for Waiyi to arrive this afternoon.

Warmer Day

on Thursday, 13 January 2011

Today it is much warmer and I go out and have a walk up the mountain nearby, I went past it everyday on the bus and thought maybe it was worth going and having a look. From the top there is quite a good view and a huge reservoir up there, which is why I always see people stopping at the side of the road and filling all their water bottles up with water from a pipe coming out of the mountain. I take some photos and then go back to the apartment.


on Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Today I just stay in the apartment most of the time as it is freezing. I only pop out at lunchtime for something to eat and just watch films all day.

Stanley Market

on Sunday, 9 January 2011

This morning, mum and dad meet me at about 10:30am and we get the bus to Stanley. We look around the market and mum and dad buy some bits and pieces and we walk along the seafront. We have not got that much time as mum and dad have to be back at the hotel at 4:00pm to check out. On the way back we stop in Causeway bay for some dim sum and then get a cab back to the hotel so they can check out. We then find a nearby bar and sit and have some drinks and look at each others photos. At 8:30pm mum and dad leave for the airport and I head to the ferry port with Waiyi to go back to Zhuhai. The last four days have been absolutely amazing with mum and dad and Waiyi. I really don’t want to go back to Zhuhai!


on Saturday, 8 January 2011

This morning we meet a bit late at about 10:00am. We go straight to the ferry terminal and catch the ferry to Macau. When we arrive we go to the City of dreams casino, there is a big new show here that me and Waiyi had tried to get tickets for, but where told they were completely booked up. We go to the ticket desk anyway and they have some cancellations, very kindly dad pays for us all to go to he show. We can only get the 8:00pm showing and we think the last ferry is at 10:30pm. We decide to get the free shuttle bus back to the ferry and book our tickets and have a look at the casinos on the other island. We find the 10:30pm ferry is completely booked, but we get the 11:45pm on a different company instead. We get another free shuttle bus to the Wynn and watch a show in the lobby there, then have a walk around looking at some more casinos and also visiting the ruins of St Pauls. After a lot of walking it is about time to head back to the city of dreams. We get back and have a bit of time for some more gambling, dad has some free money, but it is only for Baccarat and none of us know how to play, so we stick to the other games. We then go into the show, the stage is actually a massive circular swimming pool, the story was not that easy to follow or very interesting, but the actual show was very impressive, with lots of diving and some motorcycle stunt riding and contortionism. We get the shuttle bus back to the ferry terminal and go back to Hong Kong, where we are too late for the MTR, so have to get cabs back. Tomorrow we plan to have an easier day and just visit Stanley.

Lantau Island Again

on Friday, 7 January 2011

This morning we are going to Lantau island. This is where me and Waiyi went the day after we met, just over 6 months ago. We get the cable car up and get the tour of the fishing village, which we didn’t do last time. Then we have a look around everywhere else including the Buddha. We then get the cable car back and go to Lan Kwai Fong for some food and a few drinks. We end up going back quite late. In the morning we will go to Macau!

Meeting Mum And Dad

on Thursday, 6 January 2011

So this morning, I am meeting Mum and Dad for the first time in over ten months. I give them a ring in the morning and find they have arrived at the hotel. I meet Waiyi in the morning on the way to work and go with her to Tsim Sha Tsui. I then go and find the hotel. It is surprisingly emotional, although it is quite a long time. We then go and get some breakfast and the things I have planned, I actually realise are not going to take the whole day. First we get some breakfast and walk around the local area, visiting the avenue of stars, which I had not visited yet and was actually not very impressive really. We then got the ferry over to Hong Kong island and went up the Bank of China tower, although we could only get about half way up. The view was quite good though, and a different type of view of Hong Kong than I have seen before. We then got the peak tram up to the peak, luckily we all managed to get a seat this time. We arrived quite early, as we wanted to see the view during the day and at night, but still arrived much to early and had lots of waiting around until it got dark. We had some food at Bubba Gump’s shrimp shack, with a nice view over Hong Kong island and then looked around the shops and saw the view over the other side of the island. After a lot of waiting around we finally went up the viewing platform and took some photos as it got dark. Waiyi had booked a table at a really nice restaurant at 7:45pm and we were cutting it fine, so had to rush back to Tsim Sha Tsui. We are a little bit late, but Waiyi has told the restaurant and meets us at the ferry port. The restaurant is an all you can eat buffet and is very posh, with lobsters, steak, Oysters and loads more. Waiyi manages 9 oysters and I eat about three lobsters. It is a great meal and Waiyi and mum and dad seem to get on great. We have some late Christmas presents at the table and then head back as mum and dad are quite jet lagged. Tomorrow we will go to Lantau island.

Heading To Hong Kong

on Wednesday, 5 January 2011

This morning I have to go to work, during my lunch break I go back to the apartment and collect my stuff and then do the afternoon lessons. I leave straight after my last lesson and go straight to the port to catch the 5:00pm ferry. I manage to get it in time and then after meeting Waiyi at the ferry port we go straight to the visa office. Because I have to get a rushed visa, it costs almost double at 1650HKD, absolutely ridiculous, but Ivy says they will reimburse me. We then go and get some dinner and head back home as I am really tired and need to be up early to meet mum and dad tomorrow.

Not Long Now

on Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I just have two days at work and then I am off to Hong Kong. The kindergarten is planning lots for a government inspection. It is a day same as usual. Can’t wait to get to Hong Kong.

Bed Day

on Monday, 3 January 2011

Today I end up spending most of the day in bed as it is raining. Watch several films and plan some stuff for the kindergarten. Back to work tomorrow, can’t wait!

More Pool

on Sunday, 2 January 2011

Today, again we get up quite late and after getting some food, go and play some pool at the pool club. I have a day off from work tomorrow and really need to do some planning. Next week I will only work 2 days as I leave on Wednesday night for Hong Kong to meet my parents for the first time in over 10 months. I drop Waiyi off at the port and get an early night.

New Year And Another Month Away

on Saturday, 1 January 2011

Today we wake up quite late. We have a walk around and see if there are any films on. They are all in Chinese and no subtitles so we just go and play pool. We end up going back and watching a film at the apartment.