The Diagnosis

on Sunday, 19 December 2010

This morning we again get up late and check out at about midday. I am feeling a bit better now, I am not cold anymore, but my throat is more painful. I leave my bag at the hotel and we look around Mongkok, I am not really in the mood for walking and do not have the energy, especially when it is just so ridiculously busy. Waiyi wants to look around but I just want to sit or lie down. On the street there is a guy with no hands making flowers out of play dough, they are very impressive and he is selling them for 20HKD, I want to get one, but there is lots of people waiting. We stand for maybe 5 minutes and there is a huge crowd and in the 5 minutes people must put at least 200HKD in his hat. We come back 5 hours later and the guy is still there with a crowd round him and loads of money being put in his hat. I also find out today they have just introduced a minimum wage in Hong Kong of 28HKD. This guy could have been making 100 times that much! My throat is now feeling really bad, so we try and find a doctor the first place they are all closed as it is 6:00pm on a Sunday. Waiyi finally manages to find a place that is open and can see me. He asks some questions and has a look and straight away tells me I have Tonsillitis. He gives me about 6 different tablets to take and it costs me 310HKD, hopefully I can claim this back on my travel insurance. We then go and get some food, but I only have some soup, we then go and get my bag from the hotel and head to the port. It is the end of a dreadful weekend in Hong Kong, which has not only cost a fortune, but I haven’t done anything, but spend most of the time in bed. I feel bad for Waiyi as well as she has looked after me when I have been nothing but miserable. The ferry gets back to Zhuhai at 11:00pm and I get a taxi home as I still feel really bad. I don’t get home till 11:30pm. I will have to call in sick at the kindergarten tomorrow. I should have gone straight to the doctors on Friday as Waiyi suggested. but I am glad I managed to go in Hong Kong at all because it would be almost impossible to sort it out without Waiyi. I just hope now with the medication I recover quickly.