First Week Over

on Friday, 10 December 2010

So the first week at Happy Kindergarten is over. Today I got some presents, I think all teachers receive them at the end of each week. This time it was a huge pack of toilet rolls and a big bag of oranges, every little helps. Anyway straight after work I popped home to the apartment and then went to EF to pick up my pay for the work I did there. I missed Mike, the guy who runs it by 10minutes and the receptionist said he was really annoyed because the boss had not paid the wages. Didn’t sound good, I will have to go back another time. Then I head straight to the port to pick up Waiyi. We then head back and get some food and then play some zilch and have a beer in the ice bar, before getting quite an early night as I am shattered and so is Waiyi.