2nd Demo Class

on Friday, 3 December 2010

So this morning I had my second demo class at the happy kindergarten. The demo was at 9am and I left at about 8am, it was lucky as the first 2 busses went past with absolutely no space on them. I didn’t want to wait and risk the next busses being packed, so instead grabbed a taxi. I had no idea how to say the schools name, so I had to ring Waiyi and ask her to tell him where to go. It happened that her phone battery had died and it diverted to her house and her brother picked up. She was still at home as the alarm had not worked and was late for work. She gave the taxi driver directions, I don’t know what I would do without her. I was really, really nervous about the demo, but it went really well and they said it was a great lesson and they were really happy. I left and rang Matt to check where he was, he was still at the apartment and said he was not going to the interview. As it was only me and him applying for the job, I am hoping that I have the job, but am still waiting for them to contact me. The job is much better, easier work, I don’t have to work at the weekend and it is more money. At about 5:00pm we went to the ice bar for some drinks and ended up staying all night and drinking a lot of beer. Ivy from the happy kindergarten also rang and asked me to go in tomorrow to sign the contract, so I have a new job starting on Monday, thankfully as I really need to earn some proper money.