Apply For Visa And A Film

on Monday, 15 November 2010

This morning I get up early and go and apply for my visa. I then try and change rooms but they say I can’t get in the room yet and will have to wait till later. I watch a film on my laptop and then go and meet Waiyi at her brothers graduation. I get roped in to taking loads of photos and we go for a meal afterwards and then meet some friends of hers, although not related they call her aunt. I get in trouble with the security guard for taking a picture of a butchers stall for some ridiculous reason. We then head back to Causeway bay and watch a film together, Unstoppable. I think it is pretty lame but Waiyi thinks it is quite good and even cries at the end. We get a late dinner and then go to sleep. Waiyi has to work tomorrow, so I don’t have much to do.