Racism At The Karaoke Bar

on Friday, 22 October 2010

Tonight me Renee and Tim go for some drinks at a local bar under GLV, we play some dice and the beers are only 6 Yuan for a pint, so we end up drinking quite a lot. We get chatting to some of the teachers who actually work here, who say they do absolutely no work. I end up being invited to a party at a karaoke bar, so go along with them. When I arrive the Chinese guy whose party it is, is not happy there are so many foreigners at the party and gets annoyed and makes me leave, saying things like “dirty white man”, “I hate white guys”. The first instance of racism I have ever seen in my time in china. I don’t want any trouble so just go back to the apartment. When I get there I find my room mate has locked the door from the inside, even though we were told numerous times to not do this. I bang on the door but get no answer and as my phone is dead I can’t ring. So I end up sleeping in the corridor, not happy. Then in the morning, I ring the bell and knock again, but still no answer, at 8am I go to the school and find some other classmates so I can ring and get the door opened. I go and get the door opened and he says “ he heard me knocking but couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed”, the guy is an absolute moron!