Signing On At School

on Sunday, 17 October 2010

This morning we get up early and go to the school, so I can sign on. We arrive at about 10:30am and I am the first person there, so luckily get the best room in the apartment. The apartment is huge and my room is massive, it has a kitchen, fridge, microwave, cooker, TV and SKY. My room also has an en suite. The only thing it is lacking is Wi-Fi, which is a  bit annoying. I leave my stuff and me and Waiyi go back in to town and play some pool. Afterwards I go to the port and see Waiyi off. I have left my laptop in her bag and luckily just remember before she leaves and she can rush back through customs to give it to me. It is quite hard seeing her go, I hope she can visit as often as possible on the weekends as it is very hard for me to visit Hong Kong as I need another Chinese visa. I then go back to school for orientation, I first meet Tim, my roommate, he is from the US, but has some Chinese in him and can speak Cantonese very well. There is also Maciej(Matt) from Poland who can speak fluent Polish, German, English, Japanese and Korean! There is lydia from Kenya, but who lives in Hong Kong, Katherine frm Zhuhai, Thomas from the US, who is also part Chinese. Renee from the US as well, but Chinese and can speak Mandarin. Jenny is our TEFL trainee. After the orientation we have a welcome dinner, where Jenny orders way too much food and then a tour of the city, to see the main locations, before going back to the apartment for some sleep, before our first day of classes tomorrow.