Dim Sum

on Thursday, 7 October 2010

This morning we are up quite early and go to a posh hotel with Waiyis mum, brother, grandparents, an aunt, uncle and cousin. I try some of the dishes and some are ok, but others taste or just look too terrible. After that me and Waiyi have a walk round, this area has a lot of British type buildings and it seems all the wedding couples come to have their photos taken. We must see at least ten couples having photos done. We also come across some people playing a game in the park I have not seen in China before, they have what looks a bit like a shuttlecock and they play keepy uppys with it, but they do it in a way that is more like a dance. There is groups of about 5 or 6 and there is about twenty groups in the park. I buy one of them for 15Yuan, negotiated down by Waiyi from 20Yuan, it still seems quite expensive and low and behold, when we go into a shop they are selling them for 5, scammed again! We then have a look around town and watch inception in the local cinema. The cinema is dreadful though, the seats are so low, peoples heads are in the way and I think only one speaker worked, and it wasn’t the speech one. Obviously they can’t understand anyway and just read the subtitles, but it was very difficult to watch. Waiyi fell asleep for most of the film and I did also for some of it. I will definitely have to watch it again. We then go back to Waiyis grandparents and eat some more food and Waiyi teaches me Mahjong. We then get collected by Waiyis uncle and buy some seafood on the way home, only 100yuan(£10). For two big boxes of crab, 2 of shrimp, some sort of muscles, some fish and some vegetable thing. We get back quite late and eat the food with some beers before sleeping quite late again and having to be up early again.