Leaving For China

on Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This morning we leave Waiyis home and make our way to Guangzhou, it is not too long a journey, just a few hours. I stupidly only got a double entry visa when I should have got a multiple entry visa. I had not realised Guangzhou was such a large city, but I also thought there would be lots of foreigners, in fact I hardly saw any! We have come with Waiyis brother and we are picked up by her uncle and aunt. We stop off at the shopping mall and meet her mum and grandmother, then make our way back to her grandparents house where they are all playing Mahjong. We go out for a birthday dinner, where there is 21 people, almost all of her family, uncles, aunts and cousins. After the meal we head back to her grandparents briefly, where they play more mahjong. Before her uncle leaves to collect his daughter, we are staying with them so leave with him, to collect her from a drama school where she is practicing for a part in the opening ceremony at the Asian games which are being held in Guangzhou. We pick her up and head back to theirs and have some beers. We don’t end up sleeping till 2am!