New Hotel and Visa

on Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Today, I get up early and go and find another hotel in Causeway bay, it is more expensive and actually too much money really, but is my own room so I am willing to pay the extra. I also go and apply for my Chinese visa, I get a double entry so can visit Guangzhou with Waiyi for her grandfathers birthday, but only manage to get  30day visa because there is a big sporting event in Guangzhou and the Chinese government won’t give out longer visas. This means I will have to come back and get another Chinese visa before my course ends, unless I can extend it, which they said was unlikely. Waiyi is taking a half day, so I meet her at her work and we go and put my laptop in for repair. That night we meet a couple of her friends Manzy Chu and Kingyan, and go for some food at Spaghetti house and then some drinks afterwards in Wan Chai. Chris meets us there for a drink, but leaves quite early. The rest of us stay quite late and get fairly drunk!