Sentosa And Raffles

on Monday, 27 September 2010

Today we visit Sentosa in the morning, which is an island of the coast of Singapore, which is basically a huge theme park. But after arriving it starts raining and we can’t do anything so head back to the hotel. That evening they have decided to visit Raffles bar, apparently a famous bar in Singapore but I had never heard of it. I have no smart clothes and apparently the dress code is quite strict so decide not to bother and will stay at the hotel. They are going out afterwards though, so I decide I will come along and just wait for them to have their Singapore sling. When we arrive, they don’t seem to mind I am in shorts and flip flops, so I decide to go in. The bar is just like being in a Wetherspoons, but with tons of monkey nut shells on the floor. Pretty disappointing! We have one drink, I have a Singapore sling, just because that is what you should have I guess, in fact it is actually quite nice, but is very expensive, so we just have the one, before going to Clarke Quay. We get there and have quite a few drinks and get a bit drunk!