Arriving In Singapore

on Saturday, 25 September 2010

This morning I wake up very early, at about 5am, although i have been waking up all night, I go and try and wash and brush my teeth in the bathroom and then wait for my flight at 9:15am. The flight is about 15 minutes delayed, but after the horror stories about this airline, everything seems perfect and I have no problem, the plane is immaculate and I have extra leg room. I will definitely use Tiger airways again as they are so cheap. The flight is about one and a half hours and we arrive at about midday, Singapore time. It starts tipping it down with rain and I get soaked walking to the hostel. I check in, but the others are not there, so I wait around in reception till they arrive that later. We then decide to go and try and see the qualifying, which starts at 10:00pm, we get as close as possible, but they really have done a good job of not letting anyone who hasn’t paid seeing the race. We go to a few bars, but at £5 a pint, we don’t drink much, although we end up getting back at about 3am. I am really tired, after not sleeping much in the last week. But want to get up early to go do a bit of clothes shopping, somehow I have left my jeans somewhere, so need a few bits. Then we have the grand prix this evening, there are a few other races before hand and some shows, so plan to arrive about 3pm.