On My Way To Singapore

on Friday, 24 September 2010

Today I am going to Phuket by bus and then I fly to Singapore tomorrow morning. I leave at about 12:20pm, we take the bus first to the pier, a girl is sick and then this makes another guy sick, so we have to sit in this cramped minibus with two people throwing up into plastic bags most of the journey and then get the ferry over to the mainland. From there we get on another bus for about one and a half hours, unfortunately the air conditioning has broken and the bus is absolutely roasting everyone sweating profusely. We then swap busses and spend some time waiting around, they want 300baht to drop me at the airport instead of the town. I say no, because they have to drive past it and it is much closer than the town, another example of them trying to get more money out of you. We get the minibus to Phuket and although we are supposed to arrive at the town about 9:30pm and the airport around 9:00pm, they finally drop me off around 11:30pm. I start to walk towards the airport which is 5 kilometres away, because it is so late I don’t know whether I can find a cab. Luckily just round the corner a cab stops and after asking for 100baht. I only have 460baht and have been told a room at the airport is either 300-400baht. I tell him I only have 60 and he says”Ok”. I get to the airport and in fact there is no rooms here and the cheapest nearby is 1000baht. The information lady suggests I just sleep at the airport, so that is what I will do. I manage to steal some wifi from a restaurant and finally try and sleep at about 2:30am. I only end up getting maybe one hour sleep though.