Wasted Day

on Sunday, 19 September 2010

Today, we get up late and just chill out at a beach side restaurant and take advantage of some free internet. We don’t do anything else and just spend the whole day recovering from the night before. I feel dreadful! We go out for a cabaret show that night, which I have to say I found a bit boring, but was funny nonetheless. We played a bit of pool in a bar, with the usual hassle from some bar girls, one of which must have been on something and looked like the crazy frog and was very hyperactive, until she managed to get some old bloke in the bar and we just watched in disgust while playing pool, while trying to spend as little money as possible on drinks. There was also some old guy, probably in his 40’s with some young Thai guy, who can’t have been older than me. Thailand really is a weird place.