Waiyi Tries Scuba Diving

on Saturday, 21 August 2010

This morning Waiyi is doing a complimentary introduction to scuba diving at 10:50am. We get up early and watch the start of meet the fockers, before having to go down for breakfast, again I try and eat as much as possible, Waiyi even has noodles with duck which is a bit of a strange breakfast option. She claims it is her early lunch as it is not about 10:30am. We then go to the scuba centre and she gets equipped with the gear. She has to walk to the pool, but she can hardly manage to walk with all the gear on. She gets taught the basics and swims round the pool several times, she seems to be doing pretty well, but afterwards doesn’t seem to keen on going again. I ask the staff about the missing bikini and they say they will look into it. We go back to the room and get changed, before heading to the local village. We go down and try and find out how to get there as the resort is a bit isolated. They say there is a boat leaving in 15 minutes and costs 150 baht per person, per way. We are waiting to go and it starts to pour with rain, so end up giving it a miss and having a ridiculously expensive beer. Then the resort manager asks to speak to us, she says she has checked some more and asked security, but is as confused as us apparently. We don’t find out what happened to it, but they say they will knock the cost of the bikini off our bill. Waiyi says it cost 300HKD(£25), they convert it to baht and knock it of the bill and also give us a free lunch token for us. We go back and watch the rest of meet the fockers and play some Monopoly deal.