Second Day In Paradise

on Friday, 20 August 2010

This morning we get up quite late, we go down to breakfast at about 9:45am, for our first breakfast. It looks amazing, with so much choice, until I remember we are paying £12 a head for it. I therefore try and stuff as many Pain Au Chocolat and other breakfast in as physically possible. Today the weather is not so good, so we chill out in the room, get a bit of sleep and a bit of time in the Jacuzzi. Later in the evening we decide to go for a walk on the beach and the weather has cleared up quite a lot and the views are absolutely stunning. We return to the room and get changed for dinner. I have a Hawaiian pizza (keeping to the local food). Waiyi has Dom Yum Gong, which she is not too impressed with. We return to the room and strangely find Waiyi’s bikini top has disappeared.  We watch my super ex girlfriend, but I fall asleep about 30 minutes in.