First Round Of Golf In 6 Months

on Monday, 16 August 2010

This morning we go to see the snake farm. We get a lift on the back of a pickup with some other guys, doing various things. One girl is extending her visa and one guy is doing Tiger Kingdom and the snake farm. We go to the snake farm first. We miss the first few minutes of the show, so end up watching the end of one and the start of another. They bring out various different snakes and throw them around. The funniest bit is the guy commentating, just keeps saying “Number 1 most dangerous snake in the whole of Asia” and how far the hospital is. We then go to the Tiger kingdom, where we all wait for the one guy to see the tigers and then of to the embassy for the girl. Lots of waiting around and we should have just paid for a cab really. It gets to about 5pm and we finally arrive at the golf course. It costs 250baht(£5) for 9 holes, 100baht(£2) for our caddy and 500baht(£10) to hire clubs, which we share between two, but we still have 7 caddies. We split into two groups the guys who have played in a four ball first and the guys who haven’t played behind. Thankfully I get a reasonable drive away, but a couple of the others don’t. Joe takes a huge divot out of the tee and everyone is cracking up, but the caddies don’t seem amused. I am surprised we are not kicked straight off, because it’s a really nice course. It is so much nicer playing with a caddy, like a totally different sport! The caddies clean the clubs, tee up your ball, clean the ball, mark the ball, advise you on the shot. It is absolutely great and for only £2. My caddy even has a bottle of water open and displayed like a bottle of champagne at the end of each hole. They even cheer when you hit a good shot. We played pretty dreadfully and I win, taking 50 shots after 8 holes at which point we have to stop because it is too dark. There are only two pars in the whole game. We head back to the hostel, get changed and go out for some drinks, which end up being quite a lot of drinks and a very late night. Tomorrow we will return to Bangkok and unfortunately don’t have enough time to do the downhill mountain biking we had planned to.