Tiger Kingdom

on Sunday, 15 August 2010

This morning we get up quite late, after a late night, I feel absolutely dreadful. We have planned to visit Tiger Kingdom, where you can go in the cage with the tigers. We get some breakfast with the boys and they mention there is a golf course nearby, so we decide to go and check that out instead. Today it is really hot, probably the hottest day in Thailand so far! We get to the golf course and it is a really nice course, there are about 50 quite old Thai women sitting outside in orange clothing, the caddies. We go and have a look inside and it is surprisingly not too expensive, even though it is the weekend. In the end we can’t play because some of the boys don’t have collars, so we plan to go back tomorrow, when it is only 250baht for 9 holes and 100baht for a caddie and 500baht for clubs. The caddies hold an umbrella over you! We will be like professionals, even though a couple of the guys have never played, it should be a real laugh. We have a go on the range, to get a quick bit of practice for tomorrow. We catch a tuk tuk back to the hotel and then decide to go visit the Tiger Kingdom. It is quite expensive, but we decide to see the babies and the adults. The babies are about £10 and the adults £7. We see the babies first, and they are running around playing, then we see the adults who pretty much just lie there while you take photos. People say they are drugged and I thought they would be, but they do move around and don’t seem drugged, I think maybe they are just fed lots and the heat, just makes them very docile. I end up taking a lot of photos, over 800 of the tigers! We then head back, have some dinner and get some sleep.