Elephant Safari, Rafting And More!

on Friday, 6 August 2010

Today we have a day of activities, we have to be up early and have about a 1.5 hour bus journey to the park. We have an elephant safari, and some quad biking, Will manages to break his and Si manages to roll his! It’s a bit tame and we have to just follow the guide around at a fairly slow speed. After that we have the monkey and elephant show, which is not great, they are all chained and don’t look like their having fun. The elephant stands on two legs and throws darts and the monkeys play basketball and ride a bike around. We get another fish spa and then have another bus to a river to do some rafting. The river hardly has any water but they open the dam to increase the river massively and it was actually quite good, even after rafting in Nepal. The guides would smash us into walls and rocks deliberately. After that we go to a waterfall and then get the long bus back to the hotel. We all go for a Thai massage together and then for some dinner and a couple of beers at a nice restaurant. We get an early night, after a hard day and with an early morning tomorrow.