Another Horrible Day

on Monday, 26 July 2010

Today, the weather is still bad, we take a quick trip into town on the scooters and have a look around. Tom buys some new flip flops, finally after constantly falling over in the rain in his 10 year old ones. We get back to the hostel and chill out and get ready for our first night out in Koh Pha-Ngan. We go out for some food and then down to the beach to check it out. There is no music which seems a bit strange, until we ask someone who tells us it is a religious festival, so there is no music, great! Apparently it will start at midnight though, we go and buy an infamous Thai bucket, which is a can of sprite, a bottle of red bull, and a quite large bottle of rum. But you an have other spirits as well. There are fire shows going on and we get chatting to a few people. Somehow during the night I lose my iPod again, so end up going back early, still at about 4am, but still early. Tom ends up coming back sometime later. It’s a good night, just a bit dissapointing to lose another iPod less than a month after buying it. Lesson learned take absolutely nothing onto the beach with you.