Horrible Day In Koh Pha-Ngan

on Sunday, 25 July 2010

We wake up after a fairly bad nights sleep, as our bungalow was on the end next to the road, there was a constant stream of people walking passed, drunk, screaming and shouting after the infamous Coral bungalows pool party, which we missed as we were so shattered. Not to mention it is absolutely tipping it down and blowing a gale, we had thought the weather would get better on this side of Thailand, but it is actually much worse. We decide to try and find another hotel, we find a reasonably good one, but still not very nice for the price, but looks like we will have to pay, because the prices shoot up at full moon time. We then decide to hire some scooters and have a look further out of town to see if we can get something nicer and cheaper. We manage to hire some dreadful scooters, my brakes make the most horrendous screeching sound and the lonely planet says whatever you do, don’t hire scooters on the island, not too mention there is already about 10 people we have seen covered in bandages from probably scooter accidents. We get a little way up the road and we find the reason why there is no power anywhere this morning, a tree has fallen over the road and onto the power lines and the road is closed. We watch them make the worst attempt ever at pulling the tree down with a crane on the back of a pickup truck and almost kill a couple of people in the progress. Somehow they manage to get it down without killing someone or dropping it on anything and we can get through, but the traffic is now so dreadful we decide to try again later and go back to the room. We still haven’t been able to have a shower with the lack of electricity, so are feeling pretty dirty. We are in the room and it starts tipping it down again, flooding all the roads and just making it really horrible. We had heard there would be maybe hour long showers, but the weather has been dreadful since we arrived and we have been told it hasn’t been great for a while beforehand and isn’t supposed to be getting better any time soon.