More Beach

on Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Today we did the bodyfit class and also the mma class. It was our first mma class. We did some warm up stuff which involved crawling on our stomachs, cartwheels and falling on your back time after time as well. We were absolutely shattered after doing the bodyfit beforehand and really it was too much. We learnt some arm locks and rolls, it is much more wrestling orientated and I can’t say it’s much fun rolling around with another guy, both of you absolutely drenched in sweat. After we finish we hire some scooters and head down to the beach for a bit, it is a really nice day and unbelievably hot, so don’t spend too long. The sea is a lot calmer as well so we can get some swimming done. We then go back to the hotel and decide to go and watch inception at the local cinema. We turn up and I have got the times wrong and we have arrived at the time for the luxury cinema, which at £13 is too much, so we just have some food and go back to the hotel.