Back To Training

on Monday, 12 July 2010

Today we are back to training, we have decided to do a different class today, called bodyfit. It is only an hour long, but we have heard it is good. The class involves lot’s of different exercises and at the end we are both absolutely shattered. I have actually managed to sweat more than in the other class which is unbelievable. We go back in the evening and do the first half of the Muay Thai class as well. This is our first day without the mopeds and the walk round in the morning and back isn’t actually too bad, so I don’t think we will bother with the bikes and just save the money. We have also tried to cut down on the food we are eating, and instead of eating at restaurants every meal, we are just making our own food at the hotel, which involves, cereal, cheese sandwiches and pot noodles, so nothing too interesting, but at least we are saving some money.