Lantau Island Cable Car

on Saturday, 3 July 2010

Today is our last day in Hong Kong and we have decided to visit the cable car on Lantau island. One of the girls from last night called Iris is coming with us. We leave at about 1:30pm, which is probably a bit late as our flight leaves at 9:10pm. We arrive at the island which is about half an hour away and get the tickets for the cable car and a walk with Buddha attraction. We manage to get the walk with Buddha thing free as Iris pays on her card and they have a promotion. We have the crystal cabin which has a clear floor, and the journey is about 20mins with some lovely views of the islands. We get to the top and it is just unbelievably hot. First of all we have some food, some noodles at a little Japanese style restaurant. We then go to the “Walk with Buddha” show. We then walk up the hill to see the huge metal Buddha they have there. By this time it is getting a bit late and we really need to head back to the hostel to get our bags and go to the airport. We get back to the hostel grab our stuff and catch the airport express to the airport, Iris comes with us and manages to get us some cheaper tickets, luckily she knows exactly where to go, otherwise we could have easily not made it in time. They have a check in at the train station, but the sign says, check in is closed and it is delayed. We check on Iris’s I phone and it says there is no delay and I can’t believe the check in has closed nearly 2 hours before departure. We get to the airport and manage to get checked in fine. We get on the plane, unfortunately the leg room is dreadful and we are starving and had declined the onboard meal, fortunately we manage to order some food, with the small amount of baht I changed at the airport. The flight is about 3 hours and I need some sleep, but can’t because it is so uncomfortable. We arrive slightly early at Phuket airport about 11:30pm. We had not managed to get a confirmation email from Tiger muay Thai and although they said they would arrange a cab to pick us up from the airport they had not confirmed it. Unsurprisingly there is no cab waiting and we decide to just chance it and turn up at the camp!