Expo Day Two

on Tuesday, 22 June 2010

This morning, I wake up at about 7:30am to an unbelievably loud drilling sound in our room. Somebody next door is drilling directly behind our wall and also hammering the wall. We bang on the wall but they just carry on. At least it makes us get out of bed and we end up getting up early and going straight to the visa office, luckily this time we have plenty of time and manage to give our forms in and have to go back tomorrow morning to pick them back up. We then go straight to the Expo to try and get some more of the pavilions done. We decide to try and do some of the smaller ones with small queues, and as there is almost every country in the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, we should find some short ones. We end up visiting New Zealand, which in all honesty is dreadful, although they have a live show at the front, and they perform dances, which are quite good, and the Chinese really love. We also visit Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Argentina, Peru, The Ukraine which although there are little or no queues are even more of a waste of time than Japan, there just dreadful. We also visit Sweden, which is quite a long queue, about 30 minutes and although not as bad as the others is pretty boring, although they have a slide, but he queue for the slide is too long for us to bother. We visit the UK, as we are bale to get VIP access and walk straight passed the queue, although it takes us two attempts as the Chinese guard isn’t having any of it to start of with. The UK one is probably the most impressive building, and is really quite impressive. There is not much to it inside, basically it is a huge cube made of Perspex tubes with different seeds in the end of each tube. We then decide to try Australia, Tom tries to blag our way in by talking to the guy in a Aussie accent, but it doesn’t go very well. We go round the front to try again, but there is a couple of Aussies going in and tey ask if we are Australian as well, we say we aren’t but they tell the guy we are and we manage to sneak in past a nearly two hour queue. Inside, they just have a big circular TV with some weird models in the middle ad it lasts about ten minutes. If we had queued for 2 hours, I would have been unbelievably annoyed. We then decide we have done enough for today and head back to the hostel.