First Day At The Expo

on Monday, 21 June 2010

We end up getting up a bit late and we have to try and book a ticket to as close to Hong Kong as we can. We have two options, but first we have to go and try and get out Thai visa. I have got the receptionist at the hostel to write the address from the Thai consulate website in Chinese and we jump in a cab as we have left it a bit late and apparently it closes at midday. The cab driver stops outside a bank, although the street and number is the correct one, so we jump out and have a look up and down the street. We can’t see anything, so i go into the bank and ask for the Thai consulate,. They go into the back room and bring out a piece of paper with another address on and tell us it has been somewhere else for the last two years. Obviously their website is updated regularly. They say it is ten minutes away and we still have enough time to get there before midday so we jump in another cab. We find it fine and go up to the 15th floor, but on the door it says that it closes at 11:30am, we will have to come back the next day and hope we can get it before the end of the week. We head back to the hostel and have decided to do an evening at the Expo, we are going to go with Pree, who has already done several days, but not two of the biggest ones, Japan and Saudi Arabia. We find out the ticket is 90Y and they don’t do a student discount, where as the whole day ticket with a student discount is only 100Y, so really not worth us coming just for the evening. At least maybe the queues will be shorter, when Pree went, which was on a national holiday, there was seven hour queues. We have a look at Saudi Arabia, but he queue is about three and a half hours, so we decide to try Japan. We get to Japan and it’s about three hours, but decide we have to do it as it is supposed to be one of the best and the chances are the queues are only going to be worse. We sit in the queue for three hours and it barely moves. Finally we get in about 8:30pm and it takes us about thirty minutes to look around. They have a couple of shows, one is a brand new camera and some futuristic home entertainment system that you can control with hand movements and has a robot that plays the violin. The next show is a Japanese opera, with people on these weird robot chairs. The Chinese are absolutely mad and almost all the people in the Expo are Chinese and they are getting 300,000+ people a day, 700,000 on a busy day. The queues are ridiculous and they get so excited. They have these Expo passports that the queue up again to have stamped with teh countrys fake visa stamps. When we finally leave the Japan pavilion, all the others have already closed, so we end up having to leave after just seeing one country. We get a cab back to the hostel as there is literally thousands of people all trying to get on the subway. we stop off on the way back and have a pizza hut, before getting a reasonably early night, so we can go back to the visa office early.