Finally Some Sights In Shanghai

on Sunday, 20 June 2010

We end up waking up quite late, but thankfully I feel better today after a goodnights sleep. There has been some major flooding in the south of China, so we have decided to change our route and head straight to Hong Kong from Shanghai. We are told it is easy to get a ticket, so head to the train station to get it booked. We don’t have to leave China till the 3rd of July, so assume we will easily get a ticket before then. We get to the station and apparently everything is totally sold out until the 8th of July, which is too late for us. On the way back we stop of at the peoples park and visit the Shanghai urban planning exhibition. The park is a bit of a letdown compared to the other parks we have visited, with not much going on, just a lot of white pigeons and tourists. The museum is also a bit disappointing, although the huge scale model of Shanghai is quite impressive. I am also starting to feel a bit ill again, so we head back and try to work out how to get to Hong Kong. We look at flights which will cost £120, but think we have no other option. We speak to some Dutch girls doing the same thing and they say they managed to book a train to a nearby city in mainland China, where you can get a bus to Hong Kong. Therefore we decide to try and get that ticket the next day. Tonight we plan to go and watch the acrobatic show. We had heard Shanghai was the best place to see this, although we didn’t know where to go and there is so many different places. The one the hostel recommends, he says is not the best, but the most famous, so we are already put off that option. I have a look on the internet and find one which is highly recommended, so we decide to go there. We leave an hour beforehand thinking it will be plenty of time, but end up arriving just before the show and not being able to get the cheapest 80Y tickets, but having to pay 180Y for the next best seats. The show is absolutely amazing, with some brilliant acrobatics and contortionists. The highlight at the end was the metal cage which they had seven motorcycles riding round at one point. I am glad there was no cheap seats left, because these were well worth the extra money. I go back to the hotel as I am now feeling worse than ever and the others go out for a bit.