The Cotton Club

on Saturday, 19 June 2010

Last night I ended up being really sick and throwing up all night. We therefore end up not going out during the day again, and not doing anything, which seems to be coming a bit too much of a regular thing at the moment. We sit on the sofas downstairs and end up having a chat with an old guy, who must be in his 60’s who is a proper disgusting old man, all he talks about is young Chinese girls and we don’t know whether to cringe or laugh. Later in the night I see him upstairs in just his disgusting old pants cornering a young Chinese girl, he is trying to get a visa extension, they really shouldn’t give it to him. I find out that a couple we had met in Xi’an are also in Shanghai and I give him an email and he says he is playing a set at a local jazz club. We had seen him play in Xi’an, where he played the harmonica. He invites us to the place where he is playing, called the Cotton Club. We turn up just before he is on and another guy from the hostel goes and buys a drink, which ends up being 55Y(£5.50). We decide we will give it a miss and not drink and as it is so expensive will just say hello, watch the set and then move on to somewhere else. He does about a one hour set with the live band which is absolutely awesome, but it’s a bit too classy a place for us backpackers. They keep trying to get us to buy drinks but we just decline. The place is full of a weird mix of old foreigners with young Chinese girls, single Chinese girls (looking for old men) and young, obviously rich Chinese. We leave once Dennis’s set is finished and although had planned to go out, it’s now quite late and I don’t feel too good and nobody else is really feeling like going out, so we just head back to the hostel and get an early night.