Last Night Out In Beijing

on Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Today, again we didn’t do anything, just chilled out in the hostel, and watched films. We had arranged to go out that night with the two girls we had Tasha and Adrian, but we played some drinking games in the hostel, with a bottle of Whiskey the guys in our dorm had left us and eventually went out about midnight, joined by a British couple who had just arrived. We went to Mix club, which was supposed to be the biggest club in Beijing. It was very expensive. 30Y to get in and a beer was 30Y. They had these huge bottles of Whiskey on the tables, that must have been ten litres or something and must have cost a fortune, one guy even bought four of tem, with loads of other drinks and just sat on the table for a few minutes and let the Chinese girls go to him. It was quite a messy night, especially for Tom and we eventually left at about 5am and went back to the hostel.