Our First Duck

on Monday, 14 June 2010

We were up early today and walked round to Leo’s to try and book another train ticket. We were told by Amy at reception that there was no chance we could book anything, because of it being a national holiday and the fact the Expo is on. We couldn’t believe it so we ended up going to the station ourselves. We managed to book a soft seat for Wednesday, although we could have got a soft seat for the same day, but it was too expensive at 660Y. We tried to get a refund for our other ticket, but they weren’t having anything of it, so we had lost the £19 for that ticket. We get back to the hostel and are relieved we have a ticket booked and have another two days in Beijing. We decide to go out for some duck in the evening, we first try, what is supposed to be the best place in Beijing. A whole duck is 200Y, but we get there and there is 200 people queuing outside the restaurant to get in, so decide we will have to try another one. We go back to the hostel and ask reception where another good duck restaurant is. They say there is a good one just down the road where it is only 78Y for a duck, we meet a couple of girls at reception, Tasha and Adrian and invite them along, so the four of us share a duck, which makes it much cheaper, less than 20Y each. The duck is pretty good, and they bring the different parts out on different plates, with pancakes and then a soup. We then just chill out at the hostel and have a few beers and just chat to a couple of Norwegian girls, who are going home from a long trip tomorrow and a British girl, Tasha who is also going home in a few days, after travelling on and off for almost 10 years.