The Most Ridiculous Train Ever

on Sunday, 13 June 2010

We spent the whole day just chilling out, as we had our train to Shanghai that evening at 10:15pm. The whole day we just watched films and sat in the hostel. We left the hostel at about 9pm thinking that we would have plenty of time to get to the station and we planned on trying to upgrade our hard seats to soft sleepers. It was absolutely tipping with rain and there was the loudest thunder and most amazing lightning I have ever seen. We had a nightmare trying to catch a cab, standing in the rain. Eventually we decided to just get the subway, even though we had our bags and were worried they were going to empty our bags. We arrived at the station and there was a huge queue so we decided we had no time to try and upgrade, so went straight in. Inside we are told to go to platform three. We get there and wait, 10 minutes before the train is due to leave they have not opened the gate and so I think this is odd and ask a member of staff where to go, they say it is down stairs. We rush downstairs and run to the carriage, it is unbelievably packed and we can actually barely get on. There is literally a two hundred people standing on the train and even standing in the toilets. There is no chance of us getting to our seats with our bags on and after standing there for a few minutes, I look at the ticket and see the price 189Y(£19) and think “what am I doing, spending 12 hours standing on a train like this”, so we just get off and decide we can’t do it. Compared to India this is absolutely ridiculous, nobody should travel like that. So we end up going back to the hostel, arriving at about 11pm, the hostel is fully booked, but we get a room at their sister hotel and will have to try and get another train the next day.