Summer Palace

on Saturday, 12 June 2010

Today we visited the summer palace, It was a huge place with some very steep walks up and down. There were lots of different fees for specific parts, but in all honesty we were not really that interested in it and it was so unbelievably hot that we ended up only walking round a small section and only spending a short amount of time there. We meet a couple of English guys who have just started there trip and are basically following our route from now on so we all go out in the evening, to find somewhere to watch the football. We caught a cab to the bar street and had a quick look around, every single bar and club had huge projectors and TV’s playing the football, but none seemed that good, so we decided to grab a couple of cheap beers and got to a club nearby that had been recommended by several people. We get to the club and finish our beers sitting outside, while sitting there a guy that looked like he had just come from the 70’s with a yellow sweat band on his head and long hair walks past and starts chatting. He recommends a place behind the club that is supposed to be just as good, but free to get in, instead of paying 60y just to get in. We decide to give it a try and go inside, it must be one of the most extravagant clubs in the world. The place is absolutely full of Chinese and we barely see any foreigners. We have a walk round and a guy on a private table, calls us over and starts chatting, he offers us champagne and buys us more beers. The guy is obviously loaded and says he owns the club and another 20 around China. Soon it starts to become obvious the guy is gay, and we move on, but James, seems to like it and ends up going back for drink after drink.