Birds Nest Stadium and Fried Sparrows

on Friday, 11 June 2010

Today we decided to visit the birds nest stadium. We went at about 3pm as we wanted to go to the night food market afterwards, so just chilled out in the hostel for the morning. We caught the subway to the birds nest and had a look round, unfortunately it was closed so we couldn’t go in and have a look around. We also saw the aquatic centre, but decided not to look round anywhere else.

We then caught the subway to the night food market, where you can eat all sorts of weird foods. I was planning on trying to eat everything, Tarantulas, scorpions, starfish, sea horses and any other weird stuff they had. We walked down the street and the smell was disgusting, they had live scorpions stuck to sticks, constantly trying to sting each other. After a quick walk down, we buy some small scorpions, Tom ends up eating the first scorpion and I get roped into eating the second two. They don’t really taste of anything, but are very crunchy and oily. I also try some snake and then what I am told is donkey penis and cat, but am later told is sheep’s liver and lamb. They also sell a juice drink that they put a lump of dry ice in to keep it chilled and it does keep it very chilled. We take a walk down he street and I notice this guy in a long jacket walking up to these girls and them looking shocked and walking off, he goes up to another couple of girls and they almost fall of the bench in surprise. We think it must be a flasher, but when getting closer, we notice the man has no hands just stumps and is in fact begging, but they way he is doing it is just getting the most surprised reactions, we walk down another part of the food market and find some American guys eating one of the big scorpions and a guy eating a starfish. Neither of us have the bottle to try these though which is disappointing. We head back to the hostel and have some decent food while still picking little bits of scorpion out of my teeth.