Ueno Park And Another Messy Night

on Tuesday, 1 June 2010

We ended up waking up a little later than we had planned. Today we were moving to a capsule hotel in Roppongi, the bar and club area of Tokyo. We grabbed all our stuff and caught the train over, not really knowing what to expect at the hotel. We get out of the subway and have no idea where to go, luckily a nice guy, gives the hotel a ring and finds us directions. The hotel is on the 4th floor and the capsule is 4500Y, almost twice as much as we have been paying for hostels, but includes use of their spa and is also in a more expensive part of town. We check out our capsules, which are surprisingly bigger than I had thought and have a TV, light and alarm.

We dump our stuff and go to visit Ueno park.

We had hoped to catch some baseball and go and see some Sumo train, as we ha just missed one of the big competitions. Unfortunately there wasn’t a game being played the day we were there. Instead we decide to visit the park, we had heard there was lots of museums and attractions in the park. We had a walk round the park and visited the Science and nature museum. It was a great museum with some very impressive displays. Including a cinema, which was a huge sphere, where you stood on a bridge and there was screens all over the inside, so you had 360 degree viewing.

We then decided to get back to the hotel and chill out before going out that night for a few drinks. We get back to the hotel and we’re both shattered so try and get some sleep, I can’t get to sleep and end up using the sauna and steam room. This also involves having to share a naked shower with several Japanese guys.

We go out at about 7:00pm to get so me food. Roppongi is the only place in Japan where you get hassled to go into bars and restaurants, probably because it is where all the foreigners go. We end up eating at a small Japanese restaurant and the food is great. We then visit a bar, it is Tuesday night so nowhere is very busy. After being hassled by the huge black guys that hang out in front of every bar and club, we find another Hub bar, the same place as where we watched the football in Kyoto. It is pretty empty and we play some darts, before starting to chat to a Chilean guy who has obviously got on the beers very early. He teaches Kindergarten and is with a British guy and 4 Chinese girls. The invite us over and we start drinking and chatting together. It is one of the Chinese girls 22nd birthday. Sebastian the Chilean guy is coming out with some unbelievably funny stuff and has me and Tom in hysterics. I think Sebastian had, had a bit much and ends up leaving. We decide to go on to a club with the girls and they show us to a place round the corner which is closed. They say they are going to another more local area in Tokyo and invite us, but we don’t want to get stranded on the other side of town so decline. We have a look in a couple of other clubs, but everywhere is so quiet. That’s when we meet a British guy, who is a model in Japan and a French and Chinese guy. They have been living here for about 5 years and say they know a good place about 20 minutes away. We all jump in a cab with the British guy hiding on the floor. We get there and thankfully the place is really busy. Just by chance it is the same place the Chinese girls we had met earlier had gone and we end up spending the night chatting with them. We eventually leave the club at about 6am and don’t get back to the hotel till about 7am. I can’t get any sleep and we have to check out at 10am so am shattered, spent loads of money again. Will we ever learn, probably not.