The Terracotta Warriors

on Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Today we were visiting the famous terracotta warriors. We ended up leaving a bit later than we had planned as in the morning we went round the park wall for a bit of people watching and try out all the equipment in the park. We caught the bus, which was an hour journey and cost 7Y. We ended up arriving at about midday and met a German couple staying in our hostel, so decided to share the cost of a guide between us. We were shown round the three buildings. The biggest of which, the size of a football stadium and the one Tom missed yesterday was right at the front and I have no idea how they missed it. The first two rooms quite small, which just a few warriors. But the third was huge with loads of warriors. Apparently there is still more to uncover and as it was only discovered 35 years ago, there is still lots more to excavate. Especially as it takes one person a whole year to repair one warrior. They were very impressive and it obviously is an amazing thing to have been built. It took 720,000 people 38 years to get to the stage where it was, but they believe they planned to create many more soldiers and they still had lots to complete. The workers were also killed to keep the whole thing secret and buried on site. Each warriors face is also unique and was sculpted using real soldiers as models. We finished at about 3:30 and headed back on the bus to the hostel. After 2 and a half months without a hair cut it was getting a bit out of control, so we stopped at a barbers, where they washed and cut our hair for 30Y each. We returned to the hostel and played some cards with the guys in the bar, learnt a new dice drinking game and then at about 1am decided to go out to a club.