The Bus To Jiuzaigou

on Saturday, 15 May 2010

I wake up and notice that it is fairly light outside, I look down at my IPod and it’s 7:34am. My bus leaves at 8:05am and I haven’t packed at all and the journey to the bus station apparently takes twenty minutes. I quickly cram everything into my bag, half thinking whether it’s worth bothering or not and rush downstairs. I am in the office at 7:55am and ask them whether I can make it to the station, they say the bus might a few minutes, so I pay the bill and rush outside to hail a cab. Luckily one comes along quite quickly and I ask to go to the bus station and manage to get him to realise the time I should be there. The Chinese cabs drive pretty badly, but this guy drives like he is taking part in the WRC. We end up getting to the bus station just after five and after the airport style security checks, get to the bus at 8:05, although I am the last one and I take the last seat. The bus journey is due to be about 11 hours and I am tired, haven’t had a shower and still paranoid I didn’t pack everything. The journey was actually not the bad, and although we had been told I had been told it was the worst journey ever, it was actually fine. The driver was a bit too fast on the windy roads. We arrived in Jiuzaigou at 5:15pm, so it only actually took 9 hours. I hadn’t booked a hostel, so had a walk up the street for 20 minutes. After not finding it I hailed a cab and surprise surprise it was just round the corner. I walk in and Tom is sitting there on one of the computers, I check in and then we go and grab some food and play a bit of pool back at the hostel. Tomorrow I am up early to go to the park, so I get an early night. Tom leaves early as well to get a bus then train to Xi’an.