Second Day In Lhasa

on Friday, 7 May 2010

We are up fairly early, even though we had a very late night. We have a monastery to see in the morning and a temple in the afternoon. Everyone else is feeling a bit rough after the late night and beers, so they all give the monastery a miss. I go along with the rest of the group, while they stay back at the hotel and sleep it off. I get back and have a bit of food, before we have to leave for the temple. We have a look round the temple and there are loads of Tibetans in front prostrating for hours on end.

Afterwards we have a look round the market which surrounds the temple and people walk round and round with their prayer wheels. We buy a few more souvenirs, several of which I buy just because they seem to be so ridiculously cheap. We go for a meal at a local restaurant called Lhasa kitchen, which turns out to be much more expensive and very disappointing. We return to the hotel and have another poker tournament. My luck is not in and have a dreadful game, but the damage is only a few quid.