Gyantse To Lhasa

on Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Today we have a long drive to Lhasa, which is going to take about eight hours. We leave at 8am and have a few stops along the way. One at Namtso lake, 4700m up, and another at a huge glacier at just over 5000m.

Some of the guys on the tour start a snowball fight and it turns into a massive 20-30 people snowball war. We also get a chance to sit on a yak and Jack decides it would be funny to slap it on the arse while I'm on.

We arrive in Lhasa which is an absolutely huge city and is unbelievably modern. We are greeted at the hotel with silk scarves like we were for the birthday party. The hotel doesn’t have enough rooms and the group has to be split up. We get a room in the first hotel, as does Joe and Flora, but the Eton boys are at the other hotel, although they have booked in to move hotels the next morning. We also find out that our train is not leaving on the 8th as we had expected, but is on the next day. The say we have to pay for an extra nights accommodation and our transfer to the train station. There is a big argument between the guide and the nine people who have no tickets and eventually they agree to pay for another nights hotel and our transfer, which works out quite well as the hotel is so expensive. I also manage to find a shop that gives me the address of, amazingly, an Acer service centre where I can have my laptop repaired. We decide to have an early night as we have quite a few things to see the next day.