Lhatse To Shigatse

on Monday, 3 May 2010

Today we have been given a lye in, as the journey is less than two hours. Luckily our accommodation from now on is in twin rooms and when we arrive at the hotel it is a nice change. It looks like a 4 star hotel, so this helps cheer some of the other people on the tour up and stops the arguments over the rooms. Unfortunately the toilet in our room is blocked and even after getting them to unblock it twice. It seems like it can’t be fixed. We go to a local fast food restaurant and this is the first town we visit which is quite large and it is surprising how modern the city is. There are even police riding around on futuristic electric motorbikes and there is rows of 20 mobile phone shops alongside each other. Even the monks all walk around on their mobiles. I try a computer shop to try and get my laptop fixed, but they just laugh. They do say that I will be able to have it repaired in the capital Lhasa though. We visit a supermarket and are shocked at how cheap everything is. A large bottle of beer is only 4Y (40p) and you can buy 5L of Vodka for about £2. The food is equally as cheap, so we raid the pick and mix, the only thing that is very expensive is small chocolate bars which cost about £1 each. We visit the monastery which has one of the biggest stupor’s, on the way back we pass by a school where all the kids are dancing in the playground. A few of us go in and watch, most of the kids look pretty bored, but a few of them are really into. Apparently they are practicing for an upcoming festival. Later we go out for a meal with most of the people on the tour as it is somebody’s birthday. We go to a local restaurant and they great us with silk scarves and after the meal they bring out a birthday cake and a special flower shaped candle which is a huge flame and then once burnt down it opens up into several smaller candles on the leaves. We go back to the room and along with Joe and Flora and a couple of other British Tom’s who are quite posh and went to Eton we play some cards and have a few drinks.