Nyalam To Lhatse

on Sunday, 2 May 2010

Today was a long day on the coach although we have good seats and I can get some good photos out the only window. We have to wait an hour because somebody has swapped buses and they are unsure whether he is on the other bus or not and seem to be unable to just count everybody. We stopped along the way and the guide told us this was the best place to see Everest from, but today it was much too cloudy to see anything which was a bit of a shame. We had to stop at a few checkpoints and the children would come up and beg for money as their mother watched on.

We get to the hostel and there is a big argument again over the rooms because people are going to have to share dorm rooms together. We share with Joe and Flora again and this time we get what we think is an excellent room with a TV. We later find out some people got rooms in a new luxury building that wasn’t even finished, with hot water and a bath.